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Samsung Chromebook Cases For Schools

samsung chromebook cases for schools

Chromebooks are not the sturdiest mobile computing option on the market. It takes only one drop to shatter the screen or cause significant internal damage. The failure to protect these fragile devices can create extra expenses that negatively impact a school district's budget.

If your students, teachers or administrators use Samsung Chromebooks, Higher Ground offers the ideal protection solution. You can purchase a state-of-the-art Samsung Chromebook cover that will significantly reduce damage from drops, falls, spills and wear and tear. It will also meet your functional requirements.


Why Buy From Higher Ground?

Higher Ground was the first company to develop protective covers specifically for educational use. As a design-based business, Higher Ground still believes that its products should provide functional protection that also enhances usability and accessibility. You'll get much more than just a case to transport computers from here to there. The company's Samsung Chromebook hard cases and bags continue to set the standard that competitors try (but fail) to replicate.

Other excellent reasons to choose a Samsung Chromebook case for schools include:

  • Top-notch customer service that is the best in the portable storage industry
  • Risk-free buying with a 30-day return policy
  • Lifetime guarantee for your protection and peace of mind
  • Quick responses to sample and quote requests
  • Comprehensive support for distributors and resellers


How Do I Protect School Samsung Chromebooks?

A Chromebook can experience many forms of mishandling and abuse. A Higher Ground Samsung Chromebook bag or case can provide the best defense against drops and whatever other hazards these computers encounter. Does your district have issues with screen breakage? These thoughtfully designed protection solutions have stiffened front and back surfaces that can reduce cracks by 85 to 90%. Your insurance carrier may also offer a discount on your premium if you purchase the covers for your schools.

shuttle 3.0 samsung chromebook case

Other valuable features and benefits include:

  • EVA foam construction that will absorb impact and cushion the blow from drops and falls
  • Hydrophobic coatings that keep dirt and moisture away from the device and maximize the lifespan of the case
  • Exceptional compression protection from a well-padded structural frame
  • Multiple sizes to provide the right fit for your Chromebook model


About Higher Ground K-12 Samsung Chromebook Covers

No matter where or how you use Samsung Chromebooks, Higher Ground can offer a case for any scenario. Choose from an assortment of protective cover options, such as:

  • Remove-to-use: Go with the best choice for safeguarding Samsung 2-in-1 Chromebook models.
  • Work-in-case: Protect your equipment and increase its functionality with this case solution.
  • Backpack-compatible: Choose from capsules or drop-in inserts for carrying Chromebooks in backpacks.
  • Use-in-cart: These solutions are perfect for storing or transporting mobile computers in charging carts.


Buy Protective Samsung Chromebook Cases for Schools From Higher Ground

buy chromebook cases for schools

Learn more about how the right Chromebook cover can meet your school district's protection, functionality and accessibility requirements. Contact Higher Ground for additional information and a no-obligation quote today. We can also provide a free sample of any Samsung Chromebook hard case or bag upon request.