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Equipping your school's laptops with cases reduces the likelihood of damage, theft, student downtime and repair expenses. Higher Ground produces high-quality, functional solutions to keep school laptops safe and ready to work anytime, anyplace. 

Why Move to Higher Ground?

Higher Ground began in 2002 when a college professor and his former student foresaw the impending laptop boom and recognized that sooner or later, most students would be learning from some sort of technology. When their predictions came true and laptops began appearing more commonly in curricula, they produced the innovative Laptrap. This durable laptop case changed the industry and inspired many imitators, but no one could quite match the level of creativity and design. 17 years later, Higher Ground continues to understand the changing needs of educational institutions.

When you purchase a laptop case from Higher Ground, you partner with a company dedicated to improving education.

Never compromising on our high standards in quality, design, or customer service allows Higher Ground products to remain cutting-edge.

Some schools choose to purchase consumer market solutions. While this decision may appear financially attractive, it typically costs schools more money in the long term. Lack of quality and attention to detail in the materials and manufacturing of these cases can lead not only to damaged devices but cases that wear quickly, often with little or no warranty. Higher Ground is proud to offer an industry-leading lifetime warranty for years of protection.

How Do I Protect School Laptops?

Maintaining a collection of laptops can become expensive. Theft, accidents and neglect significantly impact the overall cost of maintenance. By keeping laptops concealed and cushioned in Higher Ground's durable laptop cases, you will significantly reduce the frequency of these unfortunate events. Browse our selection to find the best combination of features for your specific scenario:

  • Use in Cart: If you plan to use and store your technology in carts, it is still important to protect it while in classroom use.
  • Backpack Friendly: Many packs have little to no padding or protection. A protective Drop-In insert or Capsule is a great and affordable way to ensure peace of mind and the protection you need.
  • Work-In Case: Our work-from-the case solutions will not only protect your gear but make it more accessible, functional and easier to use anyplace or anywhere.
  • Remove To Use: A great choice for convertible style laptops that can be easily transported in your backpack or a stand-alone case.

About HG K-12 Laptop Cases

An eight-year-old student has different needs than a 17-year-old, which is why Higher Ground offers a range of options such as laptop bumper cases for kids or the work-in laptop case. Every product meets the same level of quality and design. Higher Ground can also design custom solutions tailored to your budget and needs.

rugged laptop cases for kids

A few of Higher Ground's available features include:

  • EVA construction: Constructed from the protective foam used in athletic pads and running shoes, EVA absorbs the impact of drops and damage so your technology does not.
  • Identification windows: Every school laptop should have clear identification to prevent instances of theft or inventory miscounts. ID windows hold tags to simplify both tracking and storage.
  • Hydrophobic coating: Water and dirt are repelled, protecting the case's contents and offering longevity of use.
  • Multiple sizes: Laptops don't follow universal dimensions, which is why case models range from 11 to 15 inch screens. A snug case will increase security and reduce bulk, making any device better-suited for storage and traveling.

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Laptop Cases For Schools

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