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HP Laptop Cases For Schools

hp laptop cases for schools

Frequent computer repairs and replacements can take a big bite out of a school district's budget. A carefully designed, well-constructed laptop cover can protect your investment by preventing damage from drops and other perils in a typical school environment.

Higher Ground designs and produces superior HP hard shell cases, bags and sleeves that will significantly reduce laptop damage in your schools. These solutions are also functional, which will enhance the educational process for teachers, administrators and students.


Why Buy From Higher Ground?

A college professor and his former student foresaw the widespread use of mobile computing devices in schools. They also anticipated the need for school districts to protect this expensive equipment from damage. Together, they founded Higher Ground in 2003 to fill a void in the marketplace. They created the first protective cover for school laptops, a stable, non-slip platform that enabled the use of devices on a lap or desk.

Today, Higher Ground continues to set the standard for the industry. The company focuses on designing products intended for the K-12 environment. Higher Ground HP laptop cover cases provide the ideal combination of protection, accessibility, functionality and user comfort. The company also provides:

  • The best customer service in the industry
  • A comprehensive lifetime warranty that enables you to buy with complete confidence
  • Quick price quotes
  • A risk-free 30-day return policy


How Do I Protect School HP Laptops?

Students frequently drop, mishandle and generally abuse their laptops. An HP laptop cover encases the device and provides padding. It can also protect the computer from storage mishaps. Your district can experience up to an 85–90% reduction in screen breakage.

Overall, you'll spend less money on laptop repairs and replacements after you invest in these cases. Your students will also experience less downtime due to damaged or missing devices.

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The key protective features of Higher Ground HP laptop cases include:

  • EVA foam material that will absorb the impact so that your devices don't have to
  • Airflow channels that provide ventilation to prevent your laptops from overheating
  • A hydrophobic coating that keeps dirt and moisture from damaging your laptops and increases the case's lifespan
  • Various sizes available to ensure a snug, secure fit
  • Identification windows that decrease computer theft and keep students from picking up the wrong device


About Higher Ground K-12 HP Laptop Bags and Covers

Higher Ground designs multiple types of HP laptop cases for every grade and usage requirement. For example, a drop-in insert can work best for students who carry their computers in backpacks. A remove-to-use model is perfect for transporting and using convertible devices that can serve as laptops and tablets. Other options include work-in-case products that provide maximum accessibility and functionality, as well as use-in-cart cases.


Buy Protective HP Laptop Cover Cases From Higher Ground

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Learn more about how Higher Ground HP laptop cases can reduce your technology replacement and repair costs and improve the educational experience in your school district. Contact us to discuss your device protection needs today. We can also provide free product samples upon request.