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Dell Chromebook Cases For Schools

dell chromebook cases for schools

Due to their thinner, more lightweight design, Chromebooks are more fragile than most full-size laptop models. If your school district supplies Dell Chromebooks to students, you will need a reliable protection solution that's up to the challenge.

Higher Ground can provide a Dell Chromebook case for schools that will deliver a cost-effective solution for safeguarding your technology. You'll get superior protection against drops, falls, spills, theft and other forms of neglect and abuse. As a result, you can save money on device repairs and replacements and maximize the learning experience for your students.


Why Buy From Higher Ground?

A college professor and his former student started Higher Ground in 2003 to serve the burgeoning mobile computing industry. The company was the first to design and construct protective covers specifically for school use. As a design-focused business, Higher Ground continues to create innovative products that set the standard for the industry. While competitors often attempt to copy the company's products, they cannot duplicate the quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail that keeps Higher Ground ahead of the rest.

Higher Ground also offers:

  • The best customer service in the portable storage industry
  • A comprehensive lifetime guarantee for extra protection and peace of mind
  • Complete vendor support
  • A risk-free 30-day trial
  • Quick quotes
  • Customization assistance for large orders


How Do I Protect School Dell Chromebooks?

No matter how well you "train" your students on safe computer handling practices, accidents will happen. A Dell Chromebook cover from Higher Ground can reduce your concerns about expensive repairs, providing a protective barrier that absorbs the impact when the device hits the ground. Many of these products allow students to keep the Chromebook in the case while working, which can help to prevent costly mishaps.

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Valuable Dell Chromebook hard case and bag features follow:

  • EVA foam and a well-padded structural frame prevent damage by cushioning the blow.
  • Hydrophobic coating repels dirt and keeps liquids from seeping into the device.
  • Identification windows help to prevent theft.
  • Airflow channels keep the Chromebook cool and limit the risk of overheating.

Many school districts that use Higher Ground Dell Chromebook bags and cases can reduce screen breakage by up to 90%. Insurance carriers also recognize that these covers can significantly lower their claims expenses — many offer substantial premium discounts to schools that purchase them.


About Higher Ground K-12 Dell Chromebook Covers

Besides work-in-case Dell Chromebook bags, Higher Ground also offers backpack-friendly and use-in-cart versions for K-12 schools. Remove-to-use models are also available for 2-in-1 Chromebook users. Many of these products are available in multiple sizes to ensure a secure fit and meet the unique usage requirements of students at all grade levels. You'll be able to find a case solution for any scenario.


Buy Protective Dell Chromebook Cases From Higher Ground

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Please review the broad selection of Dell Chromebook covers from Higher Ground and place your order online today. Get in touch with us to discuss large orders and any customization requirements. Free product samples are also available upon request.