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Remove To Use Cases For K-12 Schools

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A remove to use case provides a practical protection solution for laptops, tablets and Chromebooks in many scenarios. Think of those popular flip-syle models that students must take out of the case or shell to operate. Another example is when older students wish to use their backpacks to transport their devices, but books, folders and supplies take up too much space. They will need an additional case to carry and store their computer. Higher Ground offers well-designed remove to use cases that will resolve these issues.

Why Buy From Higher Ground?

Remove to use laptop cases

Higher Ground has been producing high-quality protective covers since 2003. The company has designed some of the best — and most copied — sleeves and shoulder bags in the education market. Higher Ground products offer a welcome departure from those cheap sleeves and shoulder bags that waste your time and burn your budget. These copycat products may look similar, however, construction and materials are often vastly different. Why settle for poorly made imitations when you can get reliable, affordable cases that will safeguard your investment?

How Do I Protect School Laptops, Tablets and Chromebooks?

Higher Ground features a wide variety of sleeves and shoulder bags that provide all-around protection against drops, screen breakage, dust, dirt, water and more. The extensive product line includes the revolutionary Flak Jacket series, the company's most deployed remove to use case models to date, as well as others.

Higher Ground sleeves are more than just scratch prevention and dust covers. They deliver rigid, compression-resistant, full-edge protection:

  • DropIn- Backpack Insert: The DropIn is an affordable slip-in backpack insert that provides excellent drop and scratch protection. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry around school or to and from home.
  • Capsule: The slim Capsule offers the ideal balance between size and strength. Its compression-molded EVA foam is the same protective material found in athletic pads.
  • Flak Jacket Slim: The FJ Slim will serve as protective armor for a Chromebook or laptop. Its compact profile fits easily into any backpack, while the convenient handgrip enables comfortable side carrying.

remove to use laptop sleeves

Higher Ground shoulder bags meet the needs of students who cannot or do not wish to carry their devices in a backpack. Options include:

  • Vert 3.0: The Vert is a simple yet elegant top-loading shoulder bag that allows students to transport their devices in style. It also includes a padded sleeve for carrying a secondary machine.
  • Flak Jacket Plus Classic: The FJ Plus Classic builds upon the original Flak Jacket Classic model by offering a larger front pocket for carrying additional supplies and accessories.

About Higher Ground K-12 Remove to Use Cases

When you purchase Higher Ground remove to use tablet, laptop and Chromebook cases, you'll also get:

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Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it will not protect your investment in technology. Don’t get caught with someone else’s homework. Order originally designed, high-quality remove to use laptop, tablet and Chromebook cases from Higher Ground today. Feel free to contact us for product samples and a no-obligation quote.