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Protective iPad Cases for Schools

iPad Cases For Schools

The popularity of the iPad in today's K-12 schools creates the need for reliable, protective solutions. Students do not always treat their devices with care, which can lead to significant repair and replacement costs for school districts. Higher Ground offers an assortment of high-quality iPad cases for students that will safeguard your investment in technology and reduce your district's expenses.

Why Buy From Higher Ground?

Higher Ground is a design-based company that develops protective solutions strictly for the education market. Its founders are a college educator and his former student, both of whom bring a wealth of firsthand experience to the design process. All products consist of superior materials and benefit from more than 16 years of manufacturing expertise. They also undergo meticulous testing to ensure they can withstand the drops and mishandling that come with student use.

Higher Ground iPad cases for education do more than protect technology. They also provide enhanced accessibility and functionality that make devices easier to use. Consequently, HG products make a valuable contribution to the learning process.

How Do I Protect School iPads?

iPads are light and easy to handle — an essential benefit for younger students due to their smaller hands. However, the thinner design and lightweight construction increase the devices' vulnerability. A durable iPad case for schools from Higher Ground offers a cost-effective solution. By cushioning the fall, it can reduce glass breakage by as much as 85-90 percent. A protective iPad case for schools will also minimize learning disruptions resulting from broken devices.

Easy-to-Hold iPad Cases for Students

Higher Ground's PROTEx line of iPad cases for education are designed to be the easiest iPad cases to hold. The PROTEx includes a specially designed silicone X-strap on the back that ensures a comfortable, secure grip in a horizontal or vertical orientation. Because the strap practically holds your hand for you, it makes it almost impossible to drop. The ergonomic, bumper perimeter is also easier to grip for hands of all sizes.

About HG K-12 iPad Cases

Solid, TPU construction makes a PROTEx the perfect iPad bumper case for kids. The lightweight yet rugged thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material absorbs shock and offers excellent resistance to wear and tear. A raised bevel on the screen side provides breakage protection during face-first drops. All models include sound channels that redirect audio to the front for an improved listening experience. PROTEx is offered in two configurations based on your needs. One as a folio-style with cover and stand and the other without. 

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As with all Higher Ground products, these protective iPad cases for schools come with a lifetime warranty for your protection and peace of mind. The 30-day return policy allows for risk-free purchasing, while the innovative "1/2 price replacement program" makes case upgrades extremely affordable.

Contact Higher Ground to Purchase iPad Cases for Education

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The Higher Ground team includes courteous, professional customer service representatives who will be happy to assist you. They'll answer all your questions and provide additional product information as needed. Feel free to contact us to receive product samples and a no-obligation quote for any of our iPad cases for students.