13" Chromebook Cases

13-Inch Chromebook Cases for Schools

13 inch chromebook cases for schools

While Chromebooks offer a cost-effective way for school districts to provide internet access to their students, their thin design and construction do not offer much protection. This presents a problem since students drop and mishandle them frequently, which can cause significant damage.

Higher Ground features an assortment of high-quality, 13-inch Chromebook cases for education that will safeguard your mobile technology and enhance your devices' functionality. These cases deliver an excellent return on investment by significantly reducing Chromebook repair and replacement costs.

Why Move to Higher Ground?

Higher Ground has been providing targeted protection solutions to the education industry since 2003. Since that time, the company has earned a stellar reputation as an innovator. Unlike other competing companies, Higher Ground develops its products specifically for school use and not the consumer market. The company's founders are an educator and his former student who understand the unique challenges school districts face. All 13-inch Chromebook cases for students are designed to overcome those exact challenges. 

When you buy from Higher Ground, you get: 

How Do I Protect School Tablets?

The availability of multiple 13-inch Chromebook cases for education enables administrators and teachers to select the ideal product for their environment. For instance, the Shuttle 3.0 is an excellent 13-inch chrome case for elementary school students because they can use the device while it's in the case. Doing so reduces the risk of damage due to dropping and mishandling.

13 inch laptop case for kids

If you are looking for an effective 13-inch Chromebook case for high school students, the Flak Jacket Plus 3.0 offers the perfect balance between protection and size. Internal corrugated plastic stiffeners safeguard the device against accidental damage, while the external pocket provides extra storage space for accessories and school supplies.

About K-12 Chromebook Cases

A Higher Ground 13-inch Chromebook case for schools includes reinforced corners that provide excellent drop protection. The edges extend well beyond those of the device to absorb the brunt of any impact. Other valuable features and benefits include: 

  • EVA foam, the same protective material that cushions your feet in athletic shoes
  • Hydrophobic coating that repels dirt and water and extends the case's lifespan
  • Identification windows that minimize incidents of theft and students grabbing the wrong case
  • Improved protection against breakage, which lowers technology repair and replacement costs and minimizes disruptions to the learning process
  • Higher Ground's 1/2-off replacement program, which makes upgrading to new products more affordable when the time comes 

Review the Current Selection of 13-Inch Chromebook Cases for Students

protective 13 inch chromebook cases

Please take a minute to review the entire lineup of 13-inch Chromebook cases for schools. Higher Ground's helpful customer service team will be happy to answer your questions and provide product selection guidance if needed. Feel free to contact us for a free sample of any case and a no-obligation quote.