Tips for Selecting the Right Chromebook Case

Chromebooks are ideal for in-class and at-home use, and case protection is critical to defend ports, screens, keyboards and exterior components. How can technology departments protect their long-term investments? Follow these five tips for finding the best cases for Chromebook laptops.

5 Tips for Selecting a Chromebook Case

1. Determine How You Will Transport Your Chromebook

Cases designed for transportation can help devices withstand drops, spills and damage. Remember to consider the age group and applications of your students when selecting a case.

Where will Chromebooks live most of the time? Higher Ground offers storage options for popular device sizes such as 11", 13" and 14" Chromebooks. Students enjoy using products such as the Vert 3.1, which looks like a backpack and cushions laptops during transit.

2. Choose a Case That Stays Secure on the Chromebook

Students will only use a protective case if it is practical. You want a school Chromebook case to fit snug along the edges to ensure outer surfaces are reinforced in the event of an accident. Chromebooks are usually manufactured using hard plastics, so form-fitting case styles stay on and perform well when protection is needed most.

Consider how drops are likely to occur, then choose between use-in-case and remove to use styles. Higher Ground's designs can act as a permanent home for your Chromebooks. The DataKeeper 2.0 and Shuttle 3.0 install in seconds and function as a travel bag in one package. You can also optimize Chromebooks for charging stations with the Datakeeper Cart.

3. Select a Chromebook Case Made From High-Quality Materials

A protective Chromebook case is your primary level of defense against cracks, chips and deterioration. Always equip student devices with cases engineered for rough handling.

Look at the profile of a case to make sure it sits close to the perimeter of the laptop. High-quality materials will absorb impacts, securing your long-term investments. Higher Ground cases are made for long-lasting results, including with:

  • EVA construction: Helps your Chromebook bounce back from falls and abuse.
  • Hydrophobic fabrics: Deflects moisture, dirt and grime.

4. Look for Cases With Extra Storage Options

Storage compartments are useful for transporting accessories and supplies along with Chromebooks from point A to point B. Higher Ground cases feature durable zipper compartments large enough for accessories like:

  • A computer mouse
  • Chromebook chargers
  • Flash drives
  • SD cards
  • Earbuds

Having a case with storage compartments sets students up for success, as they are less likely to forget accessories at home, and everything stays in one place for convenience.

5. Make Sure Your Case Has a Lifetime Guarantee

School districts should only purchase protective cases that come with a Lifetime Guarantee. Device deployment programs involve a large number of laptops, so select a vendor that offers bulk ordering and timely replacements.

Higher Ground lets you try protective cases with a no risk trial. You can send back cases within 30 days for a full refund. Just cover the shipping charges, and we take care of the rest.

All Higher Ground Chromebook cases for schools are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee related to material and manufacturing defects. For more information about our functional Chromebook cases, contact Higher Ground today to request a quote.

Mark Zadvinskis
Mark Zadvinskis


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